Unveiling the project management blueprint: Development excellence lies in appointing senior advisers

News | June 14, 2023

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Michael Brearley and Michael Davies, Senior Associate Partner and Associate Partner, consider our company’s unique vantage point in helping propcos unlock hidden value and maximise project success – whatever the scale, size or budget.

With a vast portfolio of projects spanning large and small-scale developments across a broad spectrum of sectors, HartDixon has fast become the go-to firm in project managing some of the UK’s iconic, heritage and small-scale buildings.

Whether advisers on the multimillion-pound redevelopment of the City of London’s iconic Bishops Square to acting as project managers on the striking £20m new build development for J P Morgan Asset Management at Foundation Park in Maidenhead or simply taking on the challenges of high-end heritage buildings in the heart of Mayfair – the most exciting part of our role as project managers is diversity. 

Our established and reputable track record for quality, versatility and exceptional service is borne out of the project management team’s blueprint for success. While no two projects are the same, regardless of size or budget, every development will bring with it a relative level of risk. 

The HartDixon Project Management Blueprint

With that in mind, here are the five reasons why property companies, developers and investors should appoint a practice that allocates its senior experts, whatever the project scale:

1. Risk Mitigation: 

Every development comes with its own set of risks – whether this is succeeding at planning, managing and negotiating project costs, being up to speed on legislation or tackling supply chain performance. By enlisting the expertise of an accomplished project manager early in the process, propcos can not only identify but proactively mitigate these risks, minimising the chances of costly issues or potential claims arising later on.

2. The Right Expertise: 

When procuring the right project management team, you should consider that team’s ability to access additional resources and specialised expertise throughout the project lifecycle. From inception to completion and even post-completion, there are a multitude of risks and challenges that only the expert project manager can resolve – from conflict resolution to managing design, and cost changes. 

As well as appointing the right expertise, it is worth investigating the range of resources and specialisms that they can leverage from their own business.

3. Legal and Other Regulatory Requirements: 

This specific aspect can be a real minefield for the inexperienced project lead and could potentially lead to financial consequences if not correctly implemented, particularly as the range of compliance requirements – such as the London Plan, building regulations and environmental standards continues to increase.  

New legislation such as the Corporate Sustainability Directive (CSRD) and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) are especially taxing and many property companies are still getting a handle on them. Experienced project managers can support their clients in navigating through these compliance hurdles and potential help to improve the scheme’s ultimate value.

4. Maximising Property Values: 

Ultimately, all of our clients are looking to maximise their return on investment by future-proofing or extracting maximum value from their development. It is our role as project managers to act in partnership with our clients to achieve the vision set out.  Appointing a project manager early on, when target expenditure and returns are established, is crucial. The more informed the project manager, the better their ability to manage the process – avoiding scope creep and ensuring construction risks are reduced.

5. Excelling in Project Delivery: 

Exceeding client expectations is one thing but to excel in project delivery means bringing together a whole team to deliver on the client’s vision. The HartDixon blueprint is successful because we take a hands-on approach to working with our clients. Our projects are led by experienced and chartered surveyors, which means the team has access to many years of property development knowledge. At the end of a project, the pride expressed by all involved makes it all worthwhile! 

Experience results in excellence

When we take on a project management role, we become an extension of your team, assisting with all governance, risk and compliance targets, health and safety and billing procedures. Using our blueprint for excellence, we help you overcome risks and regulatory challenges while maximising efficiency and adding net worth to your portfolio.

Learn more about our project management services here or contact us to discuss your portfolio management.