Zero Carbon Roadmap

In an industry that makes up 70% of the global wealth, HartDixon recognises that it plays an integral part of the built economy lifecycle. Our environmental and corporate responsibility strategy is conducted through our operations in a sustainable way to protect the environment, our clients’ businesses, our own people and HartDixon itself.

Putting sustainability at the heart of our business

Playing our Part:

‘Playing our Part’ is a vision we have been implementing since inception. Through collaboration with our clients, our people and our approach to delivering our projects
we are currently working on the following initiatives:

Initiative 1: UN SDGs:
We’ve aligned our business activity with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact under the main social, economic and environmental drivers of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. We have put in place a programme for delivering on Goals 11, 13 and 15 of the UN SDGs from 2022.

Initiative 2: UN SDG Goal 13 – Climate Action
We have defined and communicated a clear route map for reducing carbon output in line with the UK Government targets for 2050. Our roadmap to net zero is as follows:

  • Year 2025: To reduce carbon output by 33% across Scopes 1 and 2, continuing to opt for sustainable  travel and switching to green energy within our office building.
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    Upskilling and Continuous Improvement: We are driving further reductions in operational carbon emissions by ensuring our whole team is conversant with the construction industry’s environmental certifications. Circa 90% of our office and commercial projects are either working towards certification or are EPC A+ rated.
  • Year: 2030: We will further reduce our emissions by 68% through our commitments outlined in Scope 3 of our carbon reduction plan. We will ensure less waste and look to move to a more efficient head quarters.
  • Year 2035: We will achieve a reduction by 78% through our improved energy efficient building and commitment to sustainable travel, leasing or hiring only electric vehicles to support our alternative travel.
  • Year 2050 – We will achieve Net 0%: HartDixon’s current carbon emission output is significantly smaller than many of its clients and counterparts. Our aim is to exceed our targets from 2025 by playing our part in the value chain – from responsibly managing our sub-consultants and suppliers to supporting our own clients in achieving high levels of sustainability on their schemes.

Initiative 3: UN SDG Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities and Goal 15 – Life On Land

  • Community Initiatives: Each year we are undertaking community activity to support our goal for Life on Land. 2023 saw the team working with Thames21 as part of their clean up and for 2024, the plan is to work with other land community charities to ensure that carbon is stored responsibly and used effectively.

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