Playing our Part: HartDixon Unveils its Carbon Reduction Plan via a New Sustainability Hub

News | November 13, 2023

1 min read

Through a new Sustainability Hub, HartDixon is confirming its commitment to a more sustainable and greener future.

In line with the government’s plan to decarbonise the UK economy and achieve its net zero target by 2050, HartDixon unveils its company’s route-map for reducing carbon emissions. Whilst the recent announcement from the prime minister has slowed down the ban on diesel and petrol cars from 2030 to 2035, HartDixon will continue working towards its own commitments across Scopes 1-3 including building on its philosophy of using sustainable transport for business or commuting.

In addition to its carbon reduction plan, the company has also invested in addressing sustainability as a whole, aligning its corporate goals with eight of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – ranging from Zero Hunger and Life on Land to Sustainable Cities and Climate Action.

Senior Partner, Ben Devonport comments “All of our CSR activity is focussed on achieving our aims within the UN SDGs. This year we undertook our first Thames21 pick up which we will continue to support and next year, we are taking part in the Felix Project, an incredible programme fighting food waste and hunger in London.”

Central to the UN SDG commitments is the carbon reduction plan. Reflecting on the amount of time and resources that went into creating the Playing Our Part strategy and the new carbon plan, Christopher Tanner states “When we started the journey of planning our carbon goals, we honestly did not appreciate how difficult it would be to find ways of reducing carbon in a business whose carbon footprint is already incredibly low.”

“It was at this point that we took on the challenge of exploring more opportunities to make a difference such as investing in developing our knowledge on aspects such as the circular economy and the role of carbon on our planet with expert advisers.”

To find out how the whole HartDixon team is committed to making a difference for the industry, its customers and the supply chain, please click here …