Carlton House Terrace and Carlton Gardens

Project Management Services

Carlton House Terrace and Carlton Gardens

Client:  The Crown Estate

Location:  Carlton House Terrace and Carlton Gardens London

Value:  Undisclosed

Project Type:  Project Management Services

Duration:  10 Months


HartDixon is acting as Project Managers / Lead Consultant of the cyclical redecoration and repair works to Grade 1 listed Carlton House Terrace and Carlton Gardens.

Our role on this high profile project has included:

  • Managed a full structural survey of all elevations using MEWPs prior to specification stage identifying both repair and health and safety issues.
  • Working with all stakeholders including negotiating the Section 20 process with Leaseholders.
  • Managing a strict programme to ensure works are completed within agreed timescales.
  • Undertook stringent contractor selection process to ensure chosen contractor had both experience required for the historic property type and ensured cost of works was in line with budget agreed with Leaseholders.

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