Congratulations to Daniel Fowler on achieving his APC!

According to research from the RICS, the construction industry is an ageing workforce. The average age of a surveyor is circa 55 years old and for many years there has been a real focus on developing young talent. In 2019 the RICS reported that the number of young people, aged 18-30, qualifying as Chartered Surveyors or Associate Surveyors had steadily increased, with a 30% increase in the number of 18-30-year-olds qualifying as surveyors that year.

To keep boosting these numbers, there is a need to keep focussed and invest in talent to recruit the right skills for our sector. As a growing practice, we take qualifications like the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) seriously and firmly believe it adds real value to our teams and our business.

However the process is challenging and needs real commitment. The APC is a recognised professional qualification for building surveyors and quantity surveyors, requiring a range of skills to pass it – technical and professional practice, interpersonal, business and management.

To help those considering their next step in their career and take the APC, we asked one of our newly chartered surveyors, Daniel Fowler to give some top tips!

What advice would you give to those entering the APC process?

Plan ahead and ensure that all your documents are compiled and completed in good time prior to submission. Don’t leave it until the 11th hour! In terms of revision – make a scrap book by pasting each of your submitted competencies into a blank text book – highlight key words or ‘hooks’ and write notes or possible questions on those hooks to assist with revision. This really helped me structure my revision.

What are the challenges of the APC when you have a full time job?

The most challenging thing I found was juggling both my work load and setting aside time to revise and well as living a very active life! The lockdown has been an absolute blessing for me, as I already had enough experience and it enabled me to concentrate solely on my APC.

What commitment does it require to pass? Have you learnt any thing new from the process?

It requires a hell of a lot of commitment. I made the decision nearly four years ago to move from my previous role (that I thoroughly enjoyed) and move into this role to gain the experience I needed to become chartered. I am lucky that I have enjoyed my new role even more and work in an absolutely fantastic team that have helped me gain the experience I needed to become a chartered surveyor.

How much value does it add to your career and the firm you work for?

It adds a tremendous amount of value both from a professional and personal pride perspective. I believe that achieving chartered status has given me the tools I need to progress and really excel in my role.